IAAP Training

IAAP Training is a year-around free training program designed to

help you improve your running in a group environment. We welcome
runners of all abilities and experience levels. The program is
centered on two key training sessions – Track Workouts on Mondays
and Wednesdays at Brackenridge High Schoool at 400 Eagleland and a
Long Distance run that meets on Sundays at Mission San Juan at
7am. This combination of speed and endurance are the foundation
for achieving success in running. There is also a monthly
chip-timed 1 & 2 Mile time trial designed to track your overall
progress. From time to time we may change our workout locations
and times, but we will notify our participants in advance on any
changes to the schedule. IAAP feels that training goes better if
you run with a group that shares your goals. The training is led
by coaches who are passionate about running and want to share
their knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. With
all these factors going for it IAAP is confident that you will
improve your running and have fun while you are doing it!