Just as I love writing, reading, playing chess, and running without pressure, I also love black and white photography. Since I discovered the magic of photography my life took a different turn. Now, I live for those perfect moments, for the ideal face, place and expression. With my camera I am able to steal a portion of the world and make it my own, just the way a poet steals words to heal a broken heart and like a painter uses colors to create its own world. With the same magic, I use my camera to steal the most insignificant moments and make them my most important ones. In other words photography brings me freedom and its satisfaction is priceless. Just the way I feel when I run alone in the dark night feeling the wind in my face or when I read Garcia Marquez in the silence of my room with a cup of coffee by my side. That’s the adrenaline I get from photography, a sensation that no one can describe.